The Vice-President shall: Stewards may expand their core responsibilities to other areas including health and safety, bargaining, labour management committees, union counselling, building links outside the local, etc. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Union Representative resumes they appeared on. Local President Oversees healthy functioning of the LEC and the local Keeps the union visible and credible with employer(s) and in the workplace(s) ... which reminds employers of their responsibilities and encourages more people to join the union. The functions and responsibilities of a trade union representative vest in the Labour Relations Act (No 66 of 1995), and those duties and responsibilities are used in conjunction with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (No 75 of 1997) to protect the rights of their fellow workers whom they are representing. Being a union officer comes with an array of responsibilities to your members. Section 2. These duties include: Financial Safeguards: Such as fiscal responsibility and managing the funds and property of the union solely for the benefit of the union and its members in accordance with the union's constitution and bylaws. Accomplished and energetic union representative with a solid history of achievement in Healthcare . For example, 18.1% of Union Representative resumes contained Contract Negotiations as a skill. union representative definition: someone in a particular company or organization who has been elected to represent employees who…. If management work with a representative in a constructive manner it can help to address and resolve problems before they escalate. In the workplace a trade union representative is an employee who will represent and defend the rights of workers. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Union Representative. Duties of the VICE-PRESIDENT. Senior steward or convenor – is a union representative with a lot of experience of dealing with workplace issues and will represent the workforce at meetings with management to negotiate pay or changes in working conditions. Representatives are entitled to raise any concerns with management on behalf of union members. Areas of expertise include representation listening and communication. Learn more. Duties. The ability to get a good deal at the negotiating table depends on a complicated mix of attributes, including relationship skills, strategic skills and political skills, as well as unified support from the membership. training and recruitment of members and stewards. Appoint, with the approval of the Executive Committee, union representatives to committees; Be able to delegate the responsibilities of the office except where otherwise specified byt the Constitution . The following duties are taken care of by a union representative: Coordinating with committee representatives, members of the executive board and other key staff to create and execute impactful campaigns and overseeing the effective functioning of the union, e.g. Union Officer Responsibilities. Union Officer Responsibilities Financial Safeguards - Union officers have a duty to manage ... representative of a union for up to 13 years. For example, the rep can clarify the facts, provide additional information, or suggest possible witnesses. Loans - A union may not have outstanding loans to any one officer or employee that in total exceed $2,000 at any time. Motivated leader with strong organizational and prioritization abilities. Top Union Representative Skills. The primary responsibility of any union negotiator is to get the best possible final contract for the people he or she represents. Stay Updated. The union is the exclusive representative of Zoey and the other teachers, and the school administration must deal with the union in matters concerning Zoey and the other teachers. The employer is under no duty to bargain with the union representative at the investigatory interview. The Role of the Union Representative. The rep is present only to assist the employee.