– Axe: Draw Attack Charge Blade. – Axe: (Rushing) Element Discharge I A.1 Full moveset The phials will turn to yellow with the first charge and red for the 2nd, and full, charge. 1.7 Blocking 1.2 Sword Mode basics 1.8 Guard Points I would generally recommmend to always use Focus 3 unless you are very experienced with CB. This weapon requires more advanced practice and understanding than most weapons although it is fairly easy to use as a standard Sword and Shield or a Blade that has wide arching strikes, capable of destroying any monster that you will be facing in Monster Hunter World. During block recoil, your character is still considered to be blocking, so you don’t have to do anything special to block multi-hit attacks. Timing: at the end of the attack, Length of guard point: short – Slinger Burst (Sword) With certain ammo types, this burst will always cause a monster to flinch. 1.12.3 Shield Thrust Y+B after: O from Neutral (Axe) 4.0 Conclusion, A.0 Appendix Y+B from Neutral (Axe) For Monster Hunter: World on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Charge blade augment - attack or affinity? 1.11.1 Axe mode combos Some monsters need Guard 3 and some need Guard 5. If the monster bumps into a wall during the Flinch Shot, they will topple and give you a long opening. – Axe: Dash Slam Focus is a skill that doesn’t directly increase any offensive or defense properties, but can significantly alter CB gameplay. – Axe: (Rushing) Element Discharge I As seen in the post made by u/Daeforce, I felt compelled to make a pc key combo image to complement, and help those in the first steps of the charge blade with more moves for those in need of understanding the combos (like me).Everything that is in the image is taken from Arrekz, so if you want more details just look for the video. This is usually the head for elder dragons and the legs for other monsters, but there are several exceptions. LM after: ↑+LM from Sheathed Sword: Spinning Slash, Sword: Sliding Slash, Axe: Morph Slash, and Elemental Roundslash all count as this attack. – Roll (in Sword mode) If you are just out of range for a Charged Double Slash, a quick Shield Thrust can get you in range. – Roll (in Sword mode) M onster Hunter World (MHW) features 14 different weapon types, with the Charge Blade being one of them. While walking down a slope in Sword mode, Jumping Rising Slash ends with your character airborne, △ ⇒ O⇵ ⇒ △ ⇒ R2+O ⇒ △ ⇒ O⇵ ⇒ △+O ⇒ △+O ⇒ R2 ⇒ R2+O, Y ⇒ B⇵ ⇒ Y ⇒ RT+B ⇒ Y ⇒ B⇵ ⇒ Y+B ⇒ Y+B ⇒ R2 ⇒ RT+B, LM ⇒ RM⇵ ⇒ LM ⇒ Ctrl+RM ⇒ LM ⇒ RM⇵ ⇒ LM+RM ⇒ LM+RM ⇒ R2 ⇒ Ctrl+RM, Courage food: Meat/Fish/Vegetable 1st row, Resilience food: Meat/Fish/Vegetable 2nd row, Artillery food: Meat/Fish/Vegetable last row, Overheat your sword and attack while you have Mind’s Eye, 1.4 Charging your shield (Elemental Roundslash), 1.6 Charging your sword (Condensed Element Slash), 2.3.1 Sword mode combos for charging phials, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-1%20charging%20phials_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-1%20reload_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-1%20spend%20phials_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-2%20triangle%20combo_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-2%20circle%20combo_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-2%20reload_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-2%20aed_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-2%20morph%20to%20axe_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-3%20aed%20from%20axe_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-3%20morph%20to%20sword_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-4%20shield%20charge_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-5%20saed_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-5-1%20saed%20to%20aed_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-6%20sword%20charge_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-7%20block%20options_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-7%20morph_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-7%20large%20kb_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-8%20iasa_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-9%20clutch%20claw_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-9-1-clagger_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-9-2%20tenderize_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-9-3%20flinch%20shot_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-10%20slinger%20burst_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-11%20savage%20axe%20slah_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-11-1%20basic%20loop_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-11-1%20ed2%20shortcut_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-11-1%20ed2%20loop%20alternatives_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-12-1%20hop_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-12-2%20sliding%20slash_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-12-4%20slinger%20burst%20dash%20slam_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-13%20aerial_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-14%20sliding_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/2-3-1%20focus%203%20combo_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/2-3-1%20focus%200%20combo_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/2-3-1%20shield%20and%20phials_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/3-2%20angling_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/3-3%20delaying_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/3-4%20pivot_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/3-5%20overcharge%20sword_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/3-6%20roar%20dodge_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/3-6%20hop%20from%20neutral_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/3-6%20sheath%20cancel_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/gp%20morph_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/gp%20round_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/gp%20draw_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/gp%20sas_small.mp4, Motion values and phial energy gain for all attacks, General data sheet (includes numerical thresholds of knockback strength for small/medium/large strength), Kiranico (lots of useful info including monster hitzones and attack knockback strength), Another source for hitzone info, plus status thresholds and trip durations for all monsters, Some other technical info not in this guide, Text guides can be updated or corrected easily, Compared to a video guide, it’s easier to jump between sections or revisit a particular section, Shield Thrust now creates a weak phial explosion, AED is replaced by Super AED (next section), The duration of charged shield is 30 seconds times number of phials consumed, Charging your shield again when it is already charged will add to its duration, up to its cap of 180 seconds, Has 3 physical hits in additional to phial explosions: weak horizontal swing, strong vertical swing, and an AOE where the axe hits the ground, If you use it without any phials loaded, the 3rd physical hit will be absent, The range of this attack is very long so you need to stand back if you want to connect with the strong physical hits and phial explosions, SAED would miss or be interrupted due to being slower, SAED would overshoot the target due to having much longer range than AED, SAED’s phial explosions would miss due to the target being too small, You have Power Axe buff and don’t want to lose it, Also prevents all Sword attacks from bouncing, Does not use any phials and does not use any of your charged shield duration. △+O from Neutral (Axe) New to Iceborne, all monsters will occasionally flinch back and enter a distinctive drooling pose with their side exposed for about 5 seconds. The Charge Blade has 5 phials by default and a charge gauge. – Sword: Condensed Element Slash Due to the sharpness cost of large knockback and not being able to counter, you want to prevent taking large knockback. New action in Iceborne. The goal of the Charge Blade is to *cough* charge the vials and then use them in attacks in the great axe form for additional damage. Striking Velkhana’s head deals anywhere from 30-100% more damage than hitting its other parts, and this discrepancy grows more if its head is tenderized. Backwards Sliding Slash can be used to move backward before using AED/SAED when you are too close to the target. – Sword: Condensed Element Slash These combos are the fastest ways to get to yellow/red phial outlines starting from 0 phial buildup. Monster Hunter World – Charge Blade Guide & Builds. *same input as Rising Slash, if delayed will be Smash, Axe: Dash Slam Y or B after Sword attack is deflected, Sword: Return Stroke In other words, you want to either use Savage Axe Slash once and keep it active as long as possible while not using SAED at all, or forego Savage Axe Slash entirely to focus on using SAED. O(hold) after any Sword attack except Charged Double Slash, Sword: Charge Phials (Reload) 1.12.4 Slinger burst in Axe mode – Sword: Charge Phials Artillery. – Sword: Morph Slash – Axe: Smash 1.12.1 Side hop As you attack in Sword mode, you charge the gauge. RM after Axe: Element Discharge II, Axe: Amped Element Discharge This means the buff will always be removed when using SAED or charging your shield as these consume all loaded phials. △ after Axe: Rising Slash In Sword mode, pressing O while holding a direction after performing an attack (not after reloading or blocking) will do a slide followed by a roundslash. Guard 1 + charged shield + GP = Total Guard 5 – Axe: Savage Axe Slash, Axe: Rushing Element Discharge I (Ends in sliding) LM from Midair (Axe) RM(hold) from Neutral (Sword) – Axe: Overhead Slash – Axe: Jumping Slash LM after: The reason it is called this is that grappling onto the monster while it is clutch staggered will extend the stagger (for about 5 more seconds) and guarantee you have enough time to flinch shot or tenderize the monster. Dodging through roars is one of the most difficult skills to learn, but the knowledge is useful and transferable to every weapon. Your email address will not be published. ( Log Out /  As you build up more energy your phial gauge will change color from white, to yellow, to red. – Sword: Shield Thrust – Axe: Overhead Slash 0.1 Input Explanation Compared to Sword mode, Axe mode loses both mobility and the offensive and defensive options from blocking. – Sword: Charge Phials Automatically after using Sword: Forward Slash off a ledge, Axe: Jumping Slash – Axe: Overhead Slash Ctrl from Midair (Sword) or Midair (Sheathed), Sword: Sliding Attack – Sword: Block reaction (small or medium knockback), Axe: (Super) Amped Element Discharge Why is this section all the way over here? Rising Slash will launch teammates into the air, even if they have Flinch Free. You now know the (important parts of the) Charge Blade moveset. Overall the Charge Blade is a hard weapon to master at first but eventually after you have gotten the feel of the weapon, you can unleash destruction to those that get in your way. If you want to avoid this, you can use Axe: Smash or Slinger Burst instead of Rising Slash. Remember that you can not only block physical attacks, but also roars, wind pressure, and tremors. Countering from block reaction and guard points are included here as even though they are somewhat advanced techniques, they are essential to learn. ❤. Length of guard point: long Evade Window will make it easier but it’s not worth using decoration slots for. AED is difficult to angle when your shield is charged because your left/right input must immediately follow the backwards input to cancel SAED into AED. 1.12.2 Sliding Slash 0.2 Why isn’t this a video? (Ends in Sword mode) Since Slinger Burst can be used to change your facing to any direction, it can be used with Dash Slam to reposition in Axe mode. So anything up to 54 would be small knockback, 55 to 79 would be medium knockback, and 80+ would be large knockback. In practice I recommend always using at least 1 level of Guard. For an expanded list with Iceborne weapons (Rarity 9 and above), see the Iceborne Charge Blade Weapon Tree. (Ends in Axe mode) The forward and back sliding slashes are always a fixed distance in a straight line, but the left and right sliding slashes can be influenced by holding left/right during the slide, allowing you to turn almost 180 degrees (if you hold right on a left sliding slash or vice versa). The weapon offers pros of a shield and sword (mobility, excellent block) and a heavy two-handed weapon (powerful attacks, the ability to stun enemies). △+O after: Y after Sword: Shield Thrust, Sword: Forward Slash Guide and best weapons compilation for MHW Charge Blade. Full Canteen Guide Attack Values Explained Augments Guide All Armor Limits Crown Sizes Guide All Guild Backgrounds. Y+B after: The Charge Blade is a high damage dealing weapon with defensive capabilities that can unleash devastating elemental attacks which can kill even the toughest monsters. If the hits are spaced far apart (e.g Savage Deviljho stepping bites) you can morph again to guard point each hit.